## Clement Cazalot
## Entrepreneur. Frenchie. Hacker.
## Stalk me on Twitter. --- Techstars, Managing Director | Empowering Founders Techstars is a Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. I work hand in hand once a year with 10 of the best early stage companies of the world, helping them to leverage what Boston is world-class at in terms of industries, technologies and talents. --- Intralinks, VP Technology | Security for 99% of the Fortune 1000 Intralinks provides a Dropbox-like technology for financial institutions. We are part of the top 10 of the largest SaaS company in the document management space. I led the R&D and Product Design teams.
We create amazing products, across all platforms, leveraging the latest technologies and design trends. --- docTrackr, CEO | Document Control Everywhere docTrackr democratizes document security. Acquired by Intralinks (NYSE:IL) in April 2014. TechStars 2012 alumn, backed by Polaris Partners and Atlas Ventures. We answer the question: "What happen to your documents after you've shared them?".
Cofounded with Alex Negrea we were regularly awarded as one of the most innovative security startups.
--- Me, Nice guy | Code Big or Go Home Currently living in Boston, MA in the US. Originally from the south of France. Newly wed. I love everything related to Design, Security, Hacking and Running. Contact me if I can help you! --- [t] Add me on Twitter. [M] Read me on Medium.

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